WiFi RS-232 adapter, WiFi RS232 adapter, serial to WiFi converter

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WiFi RS232 serial converter

Key Features

Wi-Fi RS-232 adapter , WiFi RS232 adapter, Serial WiFi converter

Model: WA-232E
Support 7, 8 data bits

Virtual COM port driver included (Win 10 32/64 bits)
  • Integrated 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n compatible Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integrated PCB antenna (1T1R) and U.FL connector with external antenna
  • Supports 802.11e QoS enhancement (WMM)
  • Supports 802.11i security
  • Supports Wi-Fi WPS
  • Supports Wi-Fi direct
  • Supports Wi-Fi station and SoftAP mode
  • Supports simple config API for mobile app
  • Supports NFC tag
  • ARM Cortex M3, 166MHz
  • 1MB ROM
  • 512KB RAM
  • 2MB SPI flash memory
  • Hardware security accelerator for secure Wi-Fi and SSL client
  • 2 UART interfaces
  • 1 SPI interface
  • 1 I2S or PCM interface
  • 4 PWM with configurable duration and duty cycle from 0~100%
  • 3 I2C interfaces
  • 1A DC
  • Up to19 GPIOs pins
  • Supports external timer trigger event (ETE) with configurable period in low power mode
  • Supports real-time OS
  • Single operating voltage: 3.3V typical
  • Board size: 22.25mm x 19.0mm x 2.62 mm surface mountable module
  • IoT gateway for BT, Zigbee, Zwave
  • IoT device for smart home or sensor network
  • Serial to Wi-Fi device server
  • Wi-Fi speaker
  • Wi-Fi remote control/monitor
  • Zigbee to Wi-Fi bridge
  • Wi-Fi network camera
  • Wi-Fi RFID
  • SPI to Wi-Fi bridge
  • Wi-Fi internet radio
Serial port:
Baud rate: 1200-912,600
Data bit: 7, 8
Parity: none, odd, even
Stop bit: 1, 2
Flow control: CTS/RTS
Modbus RTU

AP, station
TCP server, client
UDP server, client
NTP server
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  • Payment Terms:PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


  • WiFi RS232 adapter introduction

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