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WiFi RS-422/485 serial adapter, Wireless RS422 RS485 converter, Modbus TCP RTU
WiFi RS-422, RS-485 serial adapter Model: WA-485E Support 7,8 data bit Virtual COM port driver included WiFi RS422, WiFi RS-422, WiFi RS485, WiFi RS-485 Features: WA-485 adapter is built in the embedded TCP/IP and compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard. The pro
RS232 Bluetooth BLE V4.2 adapter, Support Android, iOS, Bluetooth RS-232 adapter
Bluetooth V4.2 BLE RS-232 adapter, RS232 serial converter (Model: BLE-232D) Support iOS, Android, ... Support 7,8 data bits Android, iOS APP sample code provided Applications:  PDA, POS, Smartphone  Receipt printer  Bar code reader, RFID reader, IC card reader,MSR card reader  PLC
Bluetooth BLE RS485 adapter, support iOS Modbus RTU, RS422, BLE RS-485 RS-422
RS485 Buetooth BLE V4.2 Single mode Serial converter with RS422, RS485 Modbus RTU, RS-422, RS-485 Model: BLE-485C Support iOS & Android Support "Central" and "Peripheral" Support RS-485 Modbus RTU Applications: - PDA, POS, Smartphone - Receipt p

About Us

Uconnect was founded on 2004 and is major in the communications and information
technology. We supply the wireless and embedded system products for Internet of Things
applications. We supply the OEM/ODM service.

Our Products:
1. Bluetooth to serial port converter: Bluetooth to RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 converter for
cable replacement application. Support Bluetooth Class 1/2 and Serial Port Profile (SPP),
Bluetooth V4.x BLE dingle or dual mode

2. WiFi to serial port converter: WiFi to RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 converter.

3. Active RFID: Bluetooth V4.x BLE solution. Support the real time location system (RTLS)

4. Smart Gateway : Support Wireless sensor network solutions (WSN), Zigbee, LoRa, BLE
mesh, Sensor Gateway

5. APP for data COM, R/C solution via Bluetooth or WiFi for Android, iOS and etc..

6. Sensor to WiFi/Ethernet, BLE,RS-232/422/485(RTU), support DI/O and various sensors

7. LoRa, 3G or BLE Mesh M2M applications.
PCBA manufacturing, hand soldering, testing, assembly and packaging. We are continuously
improving quality, expanding our capacity, and maintain a strict quality control policy.

Even small quantity, we care about the quality and cost.