WiFi RS-232 adapter, serial to WiFi converter

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    RS232 WiFi serial converter


    • Height(cm):2
    • Http:Client
    • Length(cm):10.5
    • Serial port:RS232
    • TCP:Client
    • TCP:Server
    • Weight(kg):.04
    • Width(cm):4

    Key Features

    WiFi RS-232 adapter 

    Model: WA-232E
    WiFi RS232 converter, Wireless to serial converter
     Ultra low power for battery powered applications 
     On-line firmware upgrade 
     Support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Button 
     Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networking modes 
     Secure Wi-Fi authentication schemes (WEP/WPA/WPA2) 
     Full on board TCP/IP stack (no external drivers required) 
     Real-time clock for time-stamping, auto-sleep, and auto-wakeup modes 
     Configuration over serial or wireless interface using simple ASCII commands 
     Host Data Rate up to 921 Kbps TX, 500 Kbps RX for UART


    1. Networking Standards: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n(single stream)

    2. Data rates: 

    ● IEEE 802.11b, 1-11Mbps 

    ● IEEE 802.11g, 6-54Mbps

    ● IEEE 802.11n(2.4GHz), 7.2-72.2 Mbps

    3. Frequency Band: 2.4GHz

    4. Modulation: OFDM, DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum), DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK , 16QAM, 64QAM

    5. Wi-Fi security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 

    6. Protocols: DHCP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, FTP client, TCP, UDP 

    7. Supply voltage: 4.5~27 V DC 

    8. Output power: 0dBm to +12dBm 

    9. Power consumption: 4uA sleep, 35mA active RX, 180mA TX (at +12dBm) 

    10. UART Data rate: 1,200~921,500 bps

    11. Operating temperature: -40C to +85C 

    12. Transmit power: 

    ● +17dBm @802.11b

    ● +13dBm @802.11g

    ● +11dBm @802.11n

    13. Antenna: 2 dBi dipole (SMA)

    14. Adapter Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 25 mm 

    15. White Box Dimension: 11 x 6 x 5 (cm)

    16. Total Package Weight: 120 g

    17. Package Contents:

    ● WiFi RS-232 adapter x 1

    ● 2 dBi dipole antenna x 1

    ● A4 User manual x 1

    ● USB Cable x 1


    Product profile:
    Power input: Mini USB cable (5VDC) or DB9 connector Pin 9 (5VDC)or external power supply (4.8~24VDC,1.0 AMax.), please choose 1 source.

    DCE/DTE switch: DCE side. The switch will swap TX,RX,CTS,RTS of the COM port. Generally, DCE side for PC or NB setup. The user will test and switch to the correct side for the remote device.

    • DB9 Pin9 Power Input or Output:


    • External Power input or DB9 Pin 9 Power input: The two DIP switches toward N/Aside by default. Please do not switch any DIP switch toward the 5V side when the power switch is in the “External/Pin9 In” side.



    Remark: The power cable is used for the external power input which support larger range of voltage,4.5~24VDC.


    • DB9 Pin 9 Power output:


    The DB9 Pin 9 will power the external device by 5VDC via DB9 Pin 9 when the power input comes from USB only. Please choose the USB adapter which will power larger than1000mAh and do not power the external device which will consume exceed 100 mAh.



    • The RS-232 temperature/humidity sensor, active RFID reader or other sensors will be powered by the DB9 pin9 directly without extra power supply. If you need the options, please contact the suppliers.


     WiFi RS-232 Serial-Setting


     WiFi RS-232 WiFi-Setting



     WiFi RS-232 Network-Setting



     WiFi RS-232 Applications


     WiFi RS-232 Systems



     WiFi RS-232 Network 




     WiFi RS-232 Test Software



    LED indication:

      Red:Indicates system ready

      Blue:Solid On: WiFi connected

                 Flash: data is transmitted through WiFi

    WPS/Reset button: Please put the paperclip or small pin into the hole for pressing the button. 

    WPS: Press the button in short time which is not longer than 3 seconds.

    Reset to default setting: Press the button over 5 seconds, the WiFi adapter will reset to default value. The LEDs will be off for some time and then reboot to the default value.

    RS232 Interface: DB9 Female with Nut


    Remark: All contents are subject to change without notice.

    Product Certification

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:Other ,TT ,PayPal ,Alipay
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


    • WiFi RS232 introduction

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