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RS232 NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor

  • Model No.:NTC-DB9
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Wireless NTC Sensor

Key Features

RS-232 NTC Thermistor temperature sensor

For WSN or IOT applications

1. Features:

Temperature sensing and control for fridge/freezer applications.

Area of refrigerator, freezor and evaporators suitable.

Accurate thermistor ntc chip with Insulated wire.

2. Specifications:

NTC thermistor sensor: RS-232 interface, Mini USB power input, R25=10KΩ, B25/50=3950K+1%, Working range: -20~105 C degree

3. Protocol: ASCII code

3.1 Packet format


“$”: Start sign

[ID]: 5 Bytes, factory defined

[Name]: 15 Bytes, the item will be modified by the user, Default value:




[Sensor]: 4 Bytes

Byte1: 0 (+, plus) or 1 (-, minus)

Byte2,3: Integer

Byte4: Decimal

[Alarm]: 1 Byte

0: Normal condition

1: The sensor value exceeds the setting of the alarm range

“#”: End sign

3.2 Command set (Case sensitive)

(1) Name1=x..xx (Max. 15 Bytes ASCII)

(2) Name2=x..xx (Max. 15 Bytes ASCII)

(3) Name3=x..xx (Max. 15 Bytes ASCII)

(4) Time=0~9

(5) ?: The command will display all the setting information. Include Name1, Name2, Name3 and Time setting.

Customized design:

1. Sensor specification

2. Length

3. Protocol


5. Housing

Wireless communication options:

1. UHF 433 MHz RS-232 adapter

2. Bluetooth V2.1 SPP Class 1 RS-232 adapter, 100 meters

3. Bluetooth V4.0 BLE RS-232 adapter, support iOS & Android

4. WiFi RS-232 adapter (Broadcomm): wireless TCP/IP network

5. WiFi RS-232 adapter (MXCHIP): wireless TCP/IP network

6. Zigbee RS-232 adapter: Support Mesh network

7. Ethernet to RS-232 converter: wire TCP/IP network

8. Combined mode-1: UHF + WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet gateway

9. Combined mode-1: Zigbee + WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet gateway

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